Did you know that food processing used to be Montana's #1 source of employment, and Montanans produced 70% of the food they consumed?  Now the food processing industry is nil in the state, and we consume less than 10% of our own state produced food.  We depend on a tremendous amount of fossil fuel, extensive transportation networks, and a small number of food distributors, retailers, and food services to move food from afar to our plate.

Imagine the impact it would have on the state's economy if public institutions and households switched just a small  portion of their consumption to Montana-produced food.  If each household in Montana spent just $10 a week on locally grown foods, we would re-direct about $200 million each year to local farmers and ranchers.

This is why Community Food Security is one of Sustainable Living Systems' core priorities.  We focus on the most effective actions to build a Local Food System right where we live, and demonstrate and teach those actions.